Sunday, September 23, 2012

I hope that everyone is enjoying sharing your child's poetry book this weekend.   The children were very excited to take them home.  Please return the poetry books on Monday, so that I can add new poems and  I will send them home again over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Also the children borrowed library books this week.  Please return your child's library book inside his/her "Bee" bag on or before Tuesday, so your child can borrow a new book.  Ms. McGee accidently put the incorrect sheet in the bags regarding library day.  Our library is is Day 1 for the morning and afternoon classes.  It will always be labelled on your class calendar.
I have introduced the numbers 1 and 2 to date.  The Juniors and Seniors are practising their recognition, formation skills and the ability to create sets.  I will post the rhymes we are using to help remember the correction formation along the side of the blog.  Please give your child the opportunity to practise making numbers using pencils, crayons, markers etc.  
We will begin to discuss Terry Fox this week as our Terry Fox Walk is Thursday.  Please continue to collect pledges and bring them in to school or donate online.  All donations help to support Terry's dream.  Fun Fact-While Terry ran on his Marathon on Hope, his team collected money in Kentucky Fried Chicken Buckets.  Thank you to everyone who has donated.
The September Scholastic book order should be in soon.
Enjoy the first week of Fall!

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