Saturday, March 16, 2013

I hope that everyone had a wonderful March Break.  Thank you to everyone for helping to make our trip to the Young People's Theatre a success.  I realize that late dismissal for the morning class and early entry for the afternoon class was a disruption to your schedule and I appreciate your flexiblilty.  The children loved The Cat Came Back.  Please have a look at our bulletin board in the hallway to see the children's writing about their favourite part of the play.  For additional information regarding the Young People's Theatre and plays, call 416-862-2222 or visit
Thank you for helping your child to practise his/her high frequency words in the new sight word books.  Just a reminder that the words are also in the front pocket and these can stay at home for additional practise, they do not need to be returned.  The children can also practise these words in the Popcorn Song.  The Popcorn song was in your child's poetry book this week.  It is a nonsensical song made up of high frequency words.  On Thursday, we practised identifying the popcorn words by "buttering" (colouring the words yellow) them as they were announced.  This was a fun activity that everyone enjoyed.
A reminder of our Sharing Assembly on Friday, March 22.  We will be singing a song about March.  Sharing Assemblies begin after morning announcements, usually about 9:05 am and after entry in the afternoon, usually about 12:40 pm.  Sharing Assemblies are held in the lunch room.
I just completed my yearly eye examination and was told that 25% of school-aged children have vision problems.  Just a reminder to have your child's eyes checked, if you have not done so.  
I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, March 18 and can't wait to hear about your March Break activities.

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