Sunday, April 14, 2013

The children are looking forward to the visit from the Scientist on Monday.  She has organized 4 centres to help the children discover the properties of magnets.  Thank you to our volunteers who will help with this wonderful presentation.  Thanks also to Parent Council who funds this great experience.
Both classes completed a "shape hunt" with their Reading Buddies this week.  They explored our classroom looking for examples of 2 dimensional shapes.  It was wonderful to see all the students working together and to watch the learning.  Thank you to Mrs. Dias and Ms. Zappi who bring their classes down each week to work with us.  On Thursday, the children created their own pictures using only squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.  Their creations will be on the bulletin board this week.  Please have a look the next time you are inside the school.
The Seeds of Hope club are holding a Penny Drive this week.  Children are encouraged to bring in pennies (and other change) to help provide clean drinking water for those in need.  On Thursday, April 18, students are encouraged to wear black to support the Seeds of Hope members who are being silent for 24 hours.  We will also have a short period of silence in Kindergarten to show our support.  Thanks for bringing in your change for this activity.
Earth Day is April 22, 2013.  We will begin discussing how to take care of the Earth this week.  On Friday, we will participate in a garbage pick up in the school yard.
The afternoon class had a fire drill this week and the morning class had a lock down drill on Friday.  Both classes did a wonderful job of following routines and completed successful drills.
Enjoy the spring weather this week.

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