Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Family Day weekend everyone!  We had a wonderful Valentine's Day party on Thursday.  Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who sent in food and drink.  It was a great day filled with friendship and excitement.  The children completed 4 activities including: making a cat out of hearts, creating a creature who had his "eye" on them, designing a Valentine's Day card and constructing a heart collage.  After our "sweet" snacks the students opened their valentine cards.  Amid the "wows' and "awesome" quotes, the children read their valentines.  It was such a special moment!
The bulletin board in the hallway is now complete with the students' work of how they would each spend $100.00.  Have a look the next time you are in the school, it will bring a smile to your face.
A reminder of our Open Houses this week.  Room 159 will be open from 7:45 am -8:45 am on Wednesday, February 20 and from 3:45pm-4:45 pm on Thursday, February 21.  Please see me if you need an alternate time.  You may attend either open house as they are not divided by class.
Our February Sharing Assembly is Tuesday, February 19.  The morning assembly begins after morning announcements (approximately 9:00 am ) and the afternoon assembly begins at approximately 12:40 pm.  The March Sharing Assembly is Friday, March 22.
The office has just completed 2 days of Junior Kindergarten Registration.  Registration forms are still available in the office, if you know anyone who is eligible for Kindergarten in the fall.
Mailbags will be sent home Tuesday and Friday this week, due to the Family Day holiday.
I will be sending home the March leader calendar on Friday.
The children look forward to seeing their Grade Four Reading Buddies.  They will be completing a task dividing light things and heavy things as we continue with our measurement unit.
A reminder that children should be seeing an optometrist to check their vision on a regular basis.

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