Saturday, February 9, 2013

The children had a wonderful time celebrating the 100th day of school on Friday.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered in the classroom and everyone who sent in food and drinks.  The children rotated through 4 centers.  They played BINGO, created a 100 day hat, stamped out the number 100 on a 100 grid and wrote about 100 things they would like to eat and 100 things they would not like to eat.  Also a big thank you for helping your child with his/her 100 collection.  On Thursday, each child presented his/her 100 collection to the class.  It was wonderful hearing about where the 100 items came from and how they were organized and counted.  Thanks again for assisting in our celebrations.
We are beginning a new activity on our leader charts.  The leader will be discussing his/her address (house number and street) and adding this to his/her chart.  Thank you for practising this information with your child.
Valentines may be sent in Monday to Wednesday this week.  This gives the children time to deliver them before our party on Thursday.  Thanks in advance to all our volunteers.
I am so pleased with the progress the children are making.  Watch the hallway bulletin board for the"If I had 100 dollars" writing activity.  The children enjoyed spending 100 dollars on anything they wished. Making lists, writing notes and cards are valuable opportunities for your child to practise using their sounds and sight words in meaningful writing activities.  While on vacation, have your child keep a journal about one fun activity each day. 
Junior Kindergarten students will receive their first report card on Monday.  All students will receive a final report card in June.  A reminder of the Kindergarten open houses on February 20 and 21.   
A reminder that Friday, February 16 is a PA Day and there is no school.  School is also closed on Monday, February 18 for Family Day.  Enjoy the long weekend with your friends and family.  Since there is no school on Friday, mailbags will go home Monday and Thursday this week.  Please return the sound review books by Wednesday.  I will put in a new sheet, even if the previous sheet is not completed.  The next week mailbags will go home Tuesday and Friday.

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