Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello to the parents of Room 159!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year! I had so much fun learning and growing with all of your children, Thursdays have become my most favourite day of the week :)

I would like to thank the AM class's parents for the amazing gift card to Indigo which I will use right away to buy lots of books to read and for my future classroom (hopefully).

Thank you to the PM class's parents for the thoughtful Bay gift card and wedding card which will be well used to put towards purchasing a vacuum for our new home :)

Have a fun, safe and exciting summer! :)

Good luck to all of the graduates who are off to new adventures in Grade One  (and to all day school!) and to the students who are becoming the leaders in Ms. Raymond's class next year as SKs.

Lots of love,

Stella Kyriacou aka Ms. K

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