Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wow!  It is the first week of June.  The countdown to the end of the school year has begun.  Please watch the ice cream scoops outside our classroom door for the countdown.  This is always a very busy time of year at LKS and please continue to check the blog for up to date information.
The Junior Kindergarten students received notes on Friday with their placement for Senior Kindergarten.    Senior Kindergarten students will receive their placement on their report cards which will be sent home Wednesday, June 26.  Junior Kindergarten students will also receive report cards on June 26.
To conduct an inventory in the library Ms. McGee has stopped book exchange from the library.  The children will continue to visit the library at their scheduled times.  Please send back any outstanding library books as soon as possible.  Ms. McGee would like all books back and accounts cleared by June 14.  Thanks in advance.
I will be introducing the dime to the children this week.  I will also be setting up a store in the classroom where the children can role-play shopping and use the coins we are learning about.
If you have not sent in your baby picture of your Senior Kindergarten child, please email it or send me a photo this week.
Since Friday is a PA Day, mailbags will be sent home Monday and Thursday this week.
Just a reminder to please check the June leader calendar to ensure you send snack and your child's sharing on his/her leader day.  

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